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The Individual Investor Process: NYC Conference 2012

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The Individual Investor Process

It is critical that your Regional center and/or project keeps its reputation above reproach- with the community, the USCIS and with other potential investors.  Delays in petitions approvals due to source of fund or background issues can wreak havoc on a project.  It is  important to ensure… immigrant investor funds released from escrow and remain in the project until individual investor I -526 and I-829 petitions are approved. Be careful, be selective; the requirements of individual investor petitions including documentation of lawful source and trace of funds. 

  • Source of Funds and tracing of funds-whose responsibility is it?
  • Currency controls and creative solutions
  • OFAC licenses and preparation of petitions for nationals of sanctioned & designated countries
  • Money laundering



The Individual Investor Process: NYC Conference 2012