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EB-5 Mechanics: NYC Conference 2012

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So Someone Said You Should be a Regional Center? EB-5 Mechanics

Not every organization looking for capital wants to, or should enter, the regional center business full time. Learn what options are out there for you in the world of EB-5 and what considerations are critical for negotiations.  The session will  deal with the importance of having experienced professionals working with you and will also focus on TEA’s, business plans and economic study considerations.   

  • Having the right team to get you designated 
  • Making sure all your players are stars 
  • Properly funded-You gotta spend money to make money 
  • Understanding the process and the Agency you are dealing with Operational Plans and other grand schemes! 
  • Can you carve out a TEA? 
  • How important is the economic study? 
  • Organizing the project itself 
  • The importance of the business plan and economic report 
  • Having your Project “adopted”  or purchasing an existing regional center 
  • LOIs, Term Sheets-considerations for negotiations 
  • Due diligence 
  • Stand Alone investments and pooled investments



NYC Conference 2012: EB-5 Mechanics